Program Objective:

The objective of our full-time Hifdh (Quran Memorization) program is to provide a comprehensive and nurturing environment for students to embark on a journey to develop a love for the Quran and connect their hearts with the words of Allah.
Through this program, we aspire to not only produce Huffadh (those who have memorized the Quran) but also individuals who embody the values and teachings of the Quran in their daily lives, contributing positively to the community and beyond. Darul Huda Warrashad's full-time Hifdh class is a transformative journey that goes beyond memorization, aiming to cultivate a lifelong connection with the divine words of the Quran.


  • Memorization with an emphasis on Tajweed
  • Quranic Arabic
  • Various Islamic Sciences, which include:
Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence),
Aqeedah (Islamic Beliefs),
Seerah (Biography) of the Prophet ﷺ,
Tareekh (Islamic History)
Akhlaq & Adaab (Character & Etiquettes), and

Class Schedule:

Monday - Thursday
Time8:00 - 8:158:15 - 10:1510:15 - 10:5010:50 - 11:2011:20 - 12:551:15 - 3:30
SubjectDuas (Tue & Thurs)Hifdh ClassLunchArabic & Islamic StudiesHifdh ClassAcademics
Time8:00 - 8:308:30 - 12:45
SubjectArabic & DuasHifdh Class
** Schedule may vary

Tuition Structure:

Academic Calendar: A registration fee of $50 is due upon enrollment.
Books: The cost of books is estimated at $100.
Technology fee: A technology fee of $200 is due upon enrollment (required by Bayaan Academy).

Monthly Payments

Hifdh Program: $175 per month for 12 months
Academics: $225 per month for 11 months

No Student Deprived of Education

Darul Huda is firmly committed to making education accessible to all, ensuring that no student is deprived of the opportunity to pursue Islamic Studies due to financial constraints. Those facing challenges in covering tuition costs may contact the finance office of Darul Huda for assistance with their educational expenses.
If you have questions or concerns, you may email us at

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