Program Objective:

The objective of our Part-Time Hifdh (Quran Memorization) Program is to provide a flexible and comprehensive learning experience for students seeking to memorize the Quran and acquire a foundational understanding of Islamic values. This program aims to accommodate diverse schedules while ensuring the quality and depth of memorization. Through a balanced and structured curriculum, we aspire to guide students on a transformative journey toward Quranic mastery, spiritual growth, and a profound understanding of Islamic teachings.
Our goal is to empower our students with the tools and support needed to successfully memorize the Quran, creating a lifelong connection with the words of Allah Ta’ala.
In addition to Quranic memorization, students will also be taught:


  • Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence),
  • Ahadith,
  • Seerah (Biography) of the Prophet ﷺ, and
  • Duas

Class Schedule:

Classes are conducted from Monday to Thursday.
Class timings are from 5:30 to 7:30

Tuition Structure:

Qaidah Students: $80 per student
Hifdh Students: $100 per student
If enrolling multiple children, there will be a $10 discount on the tuition fee for each sibling.
This discount applies only to students in the Hifdh program!
Tuition fees are paid for the full month regardless of extended breaks or holidays.

No Student Deprived of Education

Darul Huda is firmly committed to making education accessible to all, ensuring that no student is deprived of the opportunity to pursue Islamic Studies due to financial constraints. Those facing challenges in covering tuition costs may contact the finance office of Darul Huda for assistance with their educational expenses.
If you have questions or concerns, you may email us at

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